Kebab is as popular as ever, there have never been as many varieties as there are today. Bet there is not a single person on this planet who has never tasted or even heard of Kebab in some shape, form or variety. This dish can either be a filler element, a starter highlight or even a main course luxury.

The word Kebab derives from a Persian word called ‘KABAP’ which means FRY. Kebabs, sometimes referred to as Kebap or Kabab, is originally a Mediterranean dish used throughout the world with influences from Middle East and South Asia. The royals and even the commoners of various Islamic empires enjoyed this delicacy as breakfast along with naan or pita. With time, Kebab has evolved from whole muscle meats to minced meats, and even vegetables and sea food.

Did you know?
“Kebab” was invented by medieval Persian soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires. Later, the sharp blades were replaced with skewers.

This blog is created with the sole intention of providing a common platform for all you food lovers around the world to find various delicious recipes and devour the most binding dish known to mankind. Although this blog is a product of my passion and interest, the concept was conceptualized in reality, by my partner in crime. Both me and my husband are based in London and are crazy about food (reason for our weight gain in recent years :-|, seriously, need to start exercising soon) and we share the same love for this quick food delight. Hence after much thoughts, we decided to jump into the blog bandwagon to create a one stop solution for all grilled/fried/barbecued recipes, we ever encountered or will come across in the future.

Although, Kebabs can be eaten on its own, but sometimes with some mint chutneys, rice, naan or even good’ole fries, it takes them to a whole new level of indulgence.

The recipes mentioned on this site are graciously shared by our mothers, relatives, friends and of course our readers. We will try as much as possible to give credit to each recipe that we stumble across but do not own, if at any stage, any of you find that the we have not given due credit to the original inventor, please share your thoughts, and we will be glad to edit our post.

Also please note, because such dishes etc. are pretty occasional and not prepared everyday, we aim to publish at least one good recipe every week. This of course, gives us the time to work on our day jobs during weekdays, whilst we search, dig, hunt for new recipes, which of course are tried and tested before getting published for our readers.

Hope you enjoy this site and get inspired to create some mouth watering recipes for you and your loved ones.

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