Grilled Banana Kebab

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: medium
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A summer treat of grilled bananas with ice-cream and sweet sauce.

0224 bananas (slightly raw)
2 tbsp Castor sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
Chopped walnuts for garnish

Ice-cream (any flavour)

For fudge sauce
50 gms Milk chocolate
5 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Unsalted butter
1/2 Pinch of salt
1 cup Thick cream
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract or pods

Fudge preparation method

Melt chocolate bar using the double boiler method, stir continuously.

(Tip: To melt chocolate, place the pan on top of boiling water. This method ensures that chocolate does not come directly in contact with flame and is not burned)

Once melted, transfer the liquid to a thick bottomed pan over low flame. Add sugar, salt and butter. Mix the cream slowly whilst still stirring until the mixture is of smooth consistency. Do not boil the mixture.

Remove from the heat and add the vanilla extract. Mix well and refrigerate.

Banana grill method

Cut the bananas (skin intact) in half, lengthwise. Add castor sugar and cinnamon powder together. Sprinkle this mix on the bananas.

Thread the powdered banana onto skewers. Grill both sides until the skin on the cuts become loose.

To serve, place the banana grills on a plate with a dollop of ice cream (any flavour), a drizzle of the fudge sauce and garnish with chopped walnuts.

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